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“This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God’s people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.” -II Corinthians 9:12 NIV

Barry Christian Church’s Troops Program, sending gift boxes to soldiers overseas, was started many years ago by Henry “Hank” Weaver.  Hank who passed away January 14, 2013 at age 90 was a veteran of the Army Air Corps serving during 1941-1945 in World War II, and then recalled during the Korean War.  He was one to not mince words and when he started to speak one knew immediately they should listen.  Having been born in 1922 and living through difficult times he developed coping skills that attended him well while serving his country.  Having been one of those deployed services personal waiting to hear his name during mail call he understood the loneliness in those whose names weren’t called.  So as soon as the opportunity arose, Hank pulled together the Troop Program and it continues to be an important program here at Barry Christian Church.

Every November multiple boxes carefully packed by church members are shipped out to US military stationed around the world.  Throughout the year church members gather needed items that will fill the boxes.  These items are carefully assembled and packed in boxes to be mailed in November with hopes they will get to the troops prior to Christmas.  Troop boxes always include the basic items for hygiene such as soap, tooth paste, razors, combs, etc., snacks such as small cans of fruit, cereal bars, hard candy, hot cocoa mix, nuts, and such, a variety of reading material as well as special items depending on each troop’s location.

In addition to these material items Christmas cards are included, blank ones for the soldiers to send to loved ones, but also cards written by our church members to soldiers whom they have never met, thanking them for their service and letting them know there are concerned folks here in the United States who care and are praying for them.

Examples where boxes have traveled are: to a group who lived in a barracks without electricity, to a squad of mechanics and clerks who lived in tents and did not have access to cooking facilities, to combat engineers who kept roads clear of improvised explosive devices (IED’s), to a unit in great need of basic items as their living quarters were flooded out during the rainy season.

The following are some written responses from military personnel upon receipt of our Troop Boxes:

“Thank you all for your support.  I have been working with the BN Chaplain CPT Belton on getting some of the care packages broken down and the books and hygiene products out to some of our remote Combat Out Posts (COP).  Priority being the COP that has no running water.  Soon we should have our small PX open once the dust storms stop and flights to our Forward Operating Base (FOB) can resume.  I will try to update you all with photos once I get the chance.  Thanks once again.”

“Hello and thank you one and all!  I have been out and about on a remote site and got back to a plethora of care packages and cards/letters.  You are absolutely amazing.  I appreciate the supporters who continue to send us needed supplies and the new ones who have adopted our team.  Godspeed, John”

“…..The importance of your support can not be overstated.  The conditions they live in and the constant firefights can be over bearing if they do not get the moral support you all provide. It is true the US and other countries are spending lots of money over here but there is a grey area when it comes to having access to a PX or such a location where troops can acquire personal items for themselves.  Your gifts meet many of these needs and lifts spirits.  I will try to be their voice offering sincere thanks.  May god bless you not only for your gifts but for the care and support these packages provide.”

“We appreciate all that you do, it makes all that we do so much easier.  I salute you all!!!”

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